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Andreas Kloppmann PAF Ferro Dynamics Humbucker

Andreas Kloppmann PAF Ferro Dynamics Humbucker
Humbucking pickups are made of various parts which more or less influence the sound of the entire construction. By knowing how a certain part influences the sound Andreas Kloppmann can vary these parameters to produce a perfect character pickup.

For his PAF Ferro-Dynamic-Pickups, Andreas Kloppmann uses German nickel silver parts, different kinds of magnets (cast AlNiCo 2, cast AlNiCo 5, and hard ferrite), low carbon steel cylinders and screws.

Kloppmann Pickups feature plain-enameled wire from U.S.- Production. Different kinds of windings are available: HB57, HB58, HB59 and HB60

Price for a calibrated set, individual pickups and custom pairs available upon request.

Sound Files: http://www.kloppmann-electrics.de/pickups/hb/!!!!!
Weight 4.00 lbs
Status Custom Order!!!
Our price: $ 450.00 ($CAD 562.50)
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