Delano Pickup Systems is the premier European manufacturer of high end bass pickups and electronics both as OEM parts in some of the world's finest basses and aftermarket replacement for the player seeking the ultimate in performance from their favorite instrument.

Diffusion Audio is very proud to now offer these products to our customers.

nb: When matching pickups please assure that both the bridge and neck are of the same type ("A" "O" or "H") as noted in the field "Type" on each product page.

For more info, visit Delano Pickups Systems here


Delano Electronics Onboard Preamp Sonar 3 MS Delano Electronics Onboard Preamp Sonar 3 MS/E
Our price: $ 177.00 ($CAD 226.56)
Our price: $ 185.00 ($CAD 236.80)

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