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Form Factor Audio. The tone you feel.

Form Factor Audio is the next step in the evolution of bass cabinets. Their cabinets are designed with advanced joints, made from calibrated Baltic birch and cut on state of the art CNC routers. The result is a cabinet so rigid and strong, it allows for a new level of performance from the woofers. The combination of years of engineering development and a proven assembly process brings you the ultimate bass experience in sound reproduction, tone and punch. You have to hear it to truly appreciate it.

Diffusion Audio is thrilled to be the first Canadian Dealer for Form Factor Audio


Form Factor Audio 1B12L Form Factor Audio 2B10 Form Factor Audio 2B10L
Our price: $ 859.99 ($CAD 1100.79)
Our price: $ 889.99 ($CAD 1139.19)
Our price: $ 999.99 ($CAD 1279.99)
Form Factor Audio 4B10 Form Factor Audio 4B10L Form Factor Audio Bi1000 Amp
Our price: $ 1099.99 ($CAD 1407.99)
Our price: $ 1349.99 ($CAD 1727.99)
Our price: $ 1299.00 ($CAD 1662.72)
Form Factor Audio Bi400 Amp
Our price: $ 799.00 ($CAD 1022.72)

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