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HALO Jr. Pedal

HALO Jr. Pedal
The Jr. is based on the ground breaking Harmonic Amp Like Overdrive Pedal. Essentially, it captures the high gain of channel 2 in a smaller, more compact enclosure.

The touch-sensitive response to picking strength and individual player articulation is one characteristic of the Jr. that sets this pedal apart from previous attempts at solid-state overdrive equipment.

The unit is easy to understand and operate, with highly intuitive, flexible controls that allow the guitarist to tweak in “their sound.” The Jr. doesn’t disguise or detract from the individual sound and uniqueness of your guitar, the way you play. The pedal allows you to get any amount of natural sounding overdrive and compression at any level. The result is a sound that is very “amp-like” and full.

Weight 4.00 lbs
Status In Stock!!!
Our price: $ 115.00 ($CAD 147.20)
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