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HLH RPO-100 Head

HLH RPO-100 Head
3rd Power HLH RPO-100 Head

Offering road-worthy handwired point-to-point construction for the hard rock musician, 3RD POWER Amplification’s RPO100™ takes the concept of cutting through the mix to a whole new level.

The RPO100™ employs proprietary technologies to make it the most versatile single-channel aggressive-voiced guitar amplifier on the market. In addition to featuring 3RD POWER’s tube driven (no clipping diodes here), ultra-low noise DirecDRIVE™ preamp, the RPO100 includes the following tone-shaping elements:

• Foot-switchable ROCKET™ power amp boost knob for the ultimate in clean-boost volume changes
• Push™ and Presense knobs inspired by our popular SV3015 power amp for fine-tuning the tone at the power output tube stage - key to achieving huge aggressive tones without the mud and hiss from overworked preamp circuitry
• Dual Mid-frequency voicing switches for greater versatility in shaping complex midrange frequencies
• Insert-style effects loop (preamp out, power amp in)
• Variably controlled line output

Weight 65.00 lbs
Status In Stock!!!
Our price: $ 2699.00 ($CAD 3454.72)
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