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Littlelabs Multi Z PIP

Littlelabs Multi Z PIP
Introducing the Multi Z Professional Instrument Pre-amp 3.0. The Multi Z PIP 3.0 is a completely updated, refined replacement for the now classic Little Labs Multi Z Direct Box.

The original source impedance optimized Little Labs circuit found in the original Multi Z DI and now in the Multi Z PIP, is highly regarded for its clarity, punch, bottom, and its ability to cut through a track with three dimensional excitement.

Little Labs added so many features to the original Multi Z Direct Box, we couldnĀ“t call it just a direct box anymore. Every custom mod that was asked of Little Labs over the past ten years, of which there were many, has been incorporated into the new, but still compact, Multi Z PIP.

Use it as a super instrument pre-amp, use it as a re-amp, use it as a DI, use it as a mini instrument mixer, use it all together at once...The Multi Z PIP is all about flexibility and superior sonics!

Features and user selectable settings include:

Balanced line level transformerless output, as well as...

Line level transformer isolated output (optional mic transformer)

Instrument impedance/level pick-up emulation transformer output

Pre transformers insert (use pro gear before your guitar amp)

Volume expression pedal insert option

Summing inputs, allowing up to 3 extra inputs to combine with the main input

Completely separate re-amp circuit allows not only proper vintage effect interfacing, but gain make up for effective use on a console insert

more details at Little Labs!!
Weight 5.00 lbs
Status In Stock!!!
Our price: $ 575.00 ($CAD 718.75)
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