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Littlelabs PCP Distro Rev 3.0

Littlelabs PCP Distro Rev 3.0
The PCP instrument distro: Is a one-in three-out (five total)* guitar splitter (expandable) featuring transformer isolated guitar level/impedance outputs with phase reverse, ground lift, and level adjust on each output.

Is an Audiophile highest quality line level direct box.

Allows three +4 dB balanced pro level inputs, which can be summed together as well as with the instrument input, to feed the guitar level/impedance outputs for feeding guitar pedals/effects and or amplifiers for "re-amping", thus easily enabling like never before, doubling of guitar parts through the instrument amp.

Is a guitar line driver for when a low output impedance is necessary to drive a long cable
(e.g. utilizing a combo or twin amp and you need to play in the control room).

Allows prerecorded direct guitar parts to be utilized live, through the guitar amp, allowing the guitar player to play along without missing a lick.

Has NO modern hierarchical menus.

Use your imagination. The possibilities are limitless.

This box is a professional, well made, robust, super flexible, and easy to use tool.

more details at Little Labs!!
Weight 15.00 lbs
Status In Stock!!!
Our price: $ 1100.00 ($CAD 1375.00)
Rear View
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