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PC-HE Pickup Series PC 4 HE/M2

PC-HE Pickup Series PC 4 HE/M2
The DELANO PC4 HE/M2 is our extended range high-end version of this classic bass pickup.

Massive carbon steel blades transmit a strong magnetic field to the perfectly matched coils, permitting a fuller and tighter bass response and a lively directness throughout the entire spectrum. Sparkling brightness on top of just the right amount of velvety midrange make up for a great allround tone that will always sound fresh. Excellent choice for one-pickup instruments but works equally well with bridge pickups and active electronics like our DELANO 2 and 3-band circuits.
Weight 1.00 lbs
Status In Stock!!!
Our price: $ 131.00 ($CAD 163.75)
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