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Solo Dallas Schaffer Replica Pedal Version

Solo Dallas Schaffer Replica Pedal Version
The Schaffer Replica by SoloDallas guitar Compander Boost AC/DC in the box

The Schaffer Vega Diversity Wireless System was invented by Ken Schaffer in the mid seventies and it quickly became the standard for premier touring acts of the day. In order to effectively handle the guitar's signal, a compander (compression on transmission, expansion on reception) was required. This process had a unique sound and was also adopted, most notably by Angus Young on AC/DC's Back in Black as a tool in the studio.

Today, Filippo F. Olivieri (also known as SoloDallas), in conjunction with Ken Schaffer has introduced an effect processor to emulate the unique sound of the original wireless. This is the Compander's sound in a convenient pedal format (with the wireless features removed).

Weight 4.00 lbs
Status On order, arriving soon!!!
Our price: $ 399.00 ($CAD 514.71)
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