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Torpedo LIVE

Torpedo LIVE
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TORPEDO LIVE Silent miking.

This is a Digital Loadbox!
This means a combination of an analogue REACTIVE 100W RMS loadbox and a powerful 32-bit DSP. The Torpedo Live is directly inspired by the critically acclaimed Torpedo VB-101, first-ever digital loadbox on the market.

Your onboard cab collection
Carry up to 32 Two Notes cabs to choose from our ever growing cab collection (currently more than 45 cabs are available) in a single rack space unit.

Mic arsenal:
8 carefully selected microphones ready to capture your best guitar riffs. Whether you need a classic dynamic, a sweet ribbon or a high fidelity condenser mic, you have them all inside the box!

Mike like a Pro
Want more focus? Get closer to the cone. Two Notes’ exclusive proprietary cabinet and microphone measurement technology accurately emulates the sound and process of miking a guitar or bass cabinet in a professional recording studio.

Onboard Power Amp Simulation
For those playing with guitar preamps, we included all the fantastic sounding tube power amp emulations originally developed for the Torpedo VM-202. Keep your setup simple and light! And more versatile thanks to MIDI control.

Want more? Use your own IR’s!
Load up to 512 IR’s inside the unit (3rd party or your own files). The «Quick Preview» feature of the Torpedo Remote software (Mac/PC) allows you to browse your library on your computer while playing with the Torpedo LIVE.

We are presently accepting dealership applications for the USA and Canada, please email for details.

SKU Live
Weight 11.00 lbs
Status In Stock!!!!
Our price: $ 1007.74 ($CAD 1259.68)
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