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Wooly Coats Model One Spanky

Wooly Coats Model One Spanky
3rd Power Amplification Wooly Coats Model One Spanky

huge, classic tone

The Spanky takes a classic Blackface preamp with an expanded mid-range frequency control and combines that with an over-built power supply to deliver throwback tone with extra headroom and punch.

Available with a 10" or optional 12" speaker, the Spanky is an outstanding combo amplifier. Add in performance features like front panel Power and Standby switches and you're ready to take the stage knowing that your amp is ready when you are. Reverb and Tremolo are available as options.


• Hand-built in East Nashville, TN

• Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass controls

• Expanded mid-range frequency control for Blackface to Tweed styled tones

• 8 ohm or 4 ohm speaker impedance selector switch feeds two speaker output jacks

• 1W carbon film resistors for low noise, 1/2W carbon composition resistors for tone

• Long-tailed-pair phase inverter for greater headroom

• Power and Standby switches on the front panel

• Mallory and Orange Drop capacitors

• F&T power supply filter caps

• Choke filtered power supply

• 10" or 12" speaker options

• Dual 6V6 output tubes

• 5U4 rectifier tube

Weight 45.00 lbs
Status In Stock!!!
Our price: $ 1799.00 ($CAD 2302.72)
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