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Making music on a guitar is a profound experience that is greater than just strumming strings. The way the guitar makes you feel, both emotionally and physically, will make a huge difference in what comes out of it. When you pick it up, does it come with no or little effort? When you strum a chord, does it resonate so you feel it in your hands and gut? After you have played it for as long as you need to, are you still relaxed? Strandberg Guitars think that answering yes to these questions will make you sound better…

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Boss Strandberg V_BDN

Boden Original 6 Black
Boden Original 6 Red
Boden Original 6 Natural
Boden Original 7 Red
Boden Original 7 Natural
Boden Original 7 Trem Natural

Boden Original 8 Red
Boden Prog 6 Black
Boden Prog 6 Natural

Boden Fusion 6 Honey
Boden Fusion 6 Black
Boden Metal 6 White Pearl

Boden Metal 7 Black Pearl
Boden Metal 8 White Pearl

Boden Metal 8 White Pearl
Boden Sälen Deluxe Candy Apple Red

Boden Alex Machacek Edition Red
Boden Paul Masvidal Black

Plini Clinic at MusiqueMax/ BaseBin Studios Montreal September 2017

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