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  • .strandberg* Boden Prog Bass

    .strandberg* Boden Prog Bass

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  • .strandberg* Boden Bass Standard 5

    The Boden Bass Standard 5 model features a solid American Basswood body with Flame Maple veneer and quartersawn Roasted Maple neck and fretboard. This classic wood combination delivers a strong midrange from the body with brilliance and punch from the neck, resulting in a very balanced and articulate sound to cover a variety of playing styles and musical genres. The neck is reinforced with carbon fiber and Walnut for rigidity as well as long-term stability.

    To bring out the best of this instrument’s natural woody acoustic character, Fishman Fluence Bass pickups and electronics are used to convey all the subtleties of the player’s technique and touch to various amplification systems without coloration. 2-Band EQ on a concentric potentiometer provides superb tonal flexibility to accommodate various playing situations ranging from home recording to live performances.

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