Andreas Kloppmann PAF Ferro Dynamics Humbucker

Andreas Kloppmann PAF Ferro Dynamics Humbucker

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Andreas Kloppman PAF Ferro Dynamics Humbucking Pickup Set (2)
  • $450.00USD
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Humbucking pickups are made of various parts which more or less influence the sound of the entire construction. By knowing how a certain part influences the sound Andreas Kloppmann can vary these parameters to produce a perfect character pickup.

For his PAF Ferro-Dynamic-Pickups, Andreas Kloppmann uses German nickel silver parts, different kinds of magnets (cast AlNiCo 2, cast AlNiCo 5, and hard ferrite), low carbon steel cylinders and screws.

Kloppmann Pickups feature plain-enameled wire from U.S.- Production. Different kinds of windings are available: HB57, HB58, HB59 and HB60

Price for a calibrated set, individual pickups and custom pairs available upon request.

Sound Files coming soon!!!!!
    • Poids ou poids dimensionelle pour calcul de transport
      4 lbs
    • UGS
  • Pickup Colour
    Black, Zebra (Black/Creme), custom (please enquire for $$), Black/ Gold screws/slugs
  • Voicing
    HB57 Set, HB58 Set, HB59 Set, HB60 Set, HB60 HOT!!! Set, HB 59/60 Set, HB 58/59 Set
  • Covers
    none, Aged Nickel, Unaged Nickel, Gold
  • Wiring
    Vintage Braided Shield, 4 Conductor Wiring
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