HLH HD-100 Head

HLH HD-100 Head

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3rd Power HLH HD-100 Head
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3rd Power HLH HD-100 Head

HLH Series HD100 (patent-pending) amplifier is an essential tool for pro guitarists in many different musical genres who love to create bold clean tones and expressive modern high-gain tones - all with the rich texture only found within a hand-wired tube amp.

Made in the USA, the all-tube HD100 amp features select components, PTP construction and foot-switchable solo boost so you can cue your own leads. The HD100 is designed to deliver 'fader up' or 'mastered' guitar tone for live performance and studio recording applications.

The HD100 head features our patent-pending DirecDRIV™ tube circuitry that will bring a smile to the face of even the most discerning guitar professional. Whether you're going for subtle textures ranging from clean to gentle breakup, or full-tilt high-gain saturation, every nuance of your style, tone and attitude will come through unlike anything you've heard. This is due to the enormously wide dynamic range of our patent-pending all-tube circuitry.

Feel like dancing? Go ahead and use your pedals (if you must), the dynamic range of the HD100 graciously interprets the temperment of even the most esoteric of effects pedals. To finish your sound right, the HD100 includes a global Presence control and an innovative MID voicing switch labeled SMOOTH (the classic tone stack of a certain '68 era amplifier and BOLD (a new design enhancement that gives your guitar a more lyrical quality). The tones you can achieve via the MID switch would otherwise have required an outboard rackmount studio equaliser to achieve.


• Proprietary Gain Control provides extraordinary tonal versatility from a Single Channel Amplifier
• Ultra-wide dynamic range – so you know the amplifier will respond with the ultimate clarity and detail
• Mid-voicing Switch (Smooth for vintage tones, Bold for modern tones)
• Global Presence control for the perfect amount of high frequency response without sounding harsh
• Premium Hand-selected tubes and components throughout
• Preamp Out/Poweramp In (insert-style effects loop) for inserting time-based effects post preamp distortion
• Hand-wired Point-to-Point so you know it's made wth care and attention to detail

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    Ivory, Black
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