LsL Instruments

Down in sunny Southern California is a small team of people dedicating themselves to bringing you the sweetest and easiest music you’ve ever played. Every aspect is crafted by hand, transforming a piece of lumber into an instrument that just draws the music right out of you. 

At LsL their main objective is to do everything they possibly can themselves. That’s how it gets done right. All LsL bodies and necks are hand shaped, pickups hand wound, .... everything down to the pickguards.

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LSL-SoleTW LsL Instruments Soledad Trans White
  • $4000.00USD
LsL-4948 LsL Instruments Saticoy Sonic Blue
  • $3185.00USD
LsL-4947 LsL Instruments T-Bone 3Tone Sunburst Double Bound
  • $3520.00USD
LsL-TBONESS-BL LsL Instruments T-Bone One B Vintage Blonde
  • $2600.00USD
LsL-TB7DNat LsL Instruments T-Bone 7D Natural Swamp Ash
  • $3925.00USD
LsL-5009 LsL Instruments Baribone Deluxe
  • $3675.00USD
LsL-5007 AC LsL Instruments Baribone 24 Black
  • $3675.00USD
LsL-SatONEHSS-3TS LsL Instruments Saticoy One B 3Tone Sunburst HSS
  • $2910.00USD
LsL-SatONESSS-SG LsL Instruments Saticoy One B Shoreline Gold SSS
  • $2800.00USD
LSL-Place-IS LsL Instruments Placerita Inca Silver
  • $4000.00USD
LsL-TBSSS-SG LsL Instruments T-Bone SSS Surf Green Double Bound
  • $3775.00USD
LsL-SatHSS TC LsL Instruments Saticoy HSH Trans Charcoal Gloss Only 1 left in stock.
  • $3865.00USD
LsL-SatCV-St-VW LsL Instruments Saticoy Carl Verheyen Studio Vintage White SSS
  • $3600.00USD