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Frank Marino from Mahogany Rush demonstrates the Torpedo VB-101 Speaker and Micing Emulator comparing the sound of his Marshall cabinet using a microphone and the same signal through the Two Notes Torpedo VB-101

Ola Englund demonstrates the Torpedo Live in a Metal context

Gundy Keller uses the Torpedo VB-101 in his studio, lots of classic rock tones here and a great overview on Torpedo technology

Presentation by the sound engineer Steven Forward (Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, DeeDee Bridgewater, The Christians...) of the Two Notes Torpedo VB-101. The VB-101 is the first guitar/bass amp loadbox with a powerful convolution processing. It perfectly simulates the conditions of a guitar or bass recording in a studio environment you can bring on stage or at home.

Two notes LePedal Preamplifier Series
Two notes LePedal Preamplifier Series


Torpedo C.A.B. Torpedo LIVE Torpedo Reload
Our price: $ 499.00 ($CAD 638.72)
Our price: $ 995.00 ($CAD 1273.60)
Our price: $ 849.00 ($CAD 1086.72)
Torpedo Studio
Our price: $ 1850.00 ($CAD 2368.00)

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