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  • .strandberg* Boden 'Alex Machacek Edition’
    • 20%% de réduction

    .strandberg* Boden 'Alex Machacek Edition’

    .strandberg* Boden 'Alex Machacek Edition’ Guitar

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    • $1896.30USD
  • Morgan Amplification JS12 Josh Smith Signature Combo


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    • $2399.00USD
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  • .strandberg* Sarah Longfield NX 8 Signature 8 String Guitar

    .strandberg* Sarah Longfield NX Signature Guitar 8 string version

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    • $2796.30USD
  • .strandberg* Boden NX 'Alex Machacek Edition’

    .strandberg* Boden 'NX Alex Machacek Edition’ Guitar

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    • $2888.89USD
  • .strandberg* Boden NX 'Plini Edition"

    The Prog NX 6 Plini Edition gets a thorough makeover from the popular original version that looks very similar on the surface but has many under-the-hood changes and enhancements that take the performance, sound, and playability to a whole new level. Now featuring Mahogany body and neck with Richlite fretboard, all of the new NX features, and the .strandberg* Plini Edition humbuckers produced by Michael Frank in California, the new NX 6 Plini Edition is a culmination of the continued close collaboration between Plini and .strandberg* Guitars.

    Not rated yet
    • $2796.30USD