Andreas Kloppmann AlNiCo Single Coils Stratocaster

Andreas Kloppmann AlNiCo Single Coils Stratocaster

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Andreas Kloppman AlNiCo Single Coils Pickup Set (3)
  • $399.00USD
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Alnico was developed in the 1930's and made commercially available in the 1940's. It is an alloy of aluminum, nickel, cobalt and iron. Different grades of Alnico also contain other elements to enhance the magnetic properties. Alnico magnets are either made by casting molten alloy or pressing and sintering a very fine powder. Both can be cut and ground to precision sizes with the proper equipment.

Kloppmann AlNiCo Pickups feature cast AlNiCo 5 Cylinders and Forbon-flatwork. He exclusively works with Formvar and plain-enameled wire from U.S. - production. Different kinds of windings are available ,

Price for a calibrated set, individual pickups available upon request.

Sound Files coming soon!!!!!
    • Poids ou poids dimensionelle pour calcul de transport
      4 lbs
    • UGS
  • Pickup Type
    ST 60: Neck 1960, Middle 1964, Bridge 1962 (Formvar), ST 50: Neck 1956 , Middle 1957, Bridge 1959 (Formvar), ST 67: Neck 1967 , Middle 1966, Bridge 1965 (plain enamel), Thomas Blug Set, ST Blug II Set, ST Tillcaster: Neck 1962, Middle 1962, ST Tillcaster (Formvar), Errorhead SSH Set: Neck 1962, Middle 1962, HB DML (FV/FV/PE), Tral 65: Neck 1965, Middle 1965, Bridge 1965 (Plain Enamel), Real 62: Neck 1962, Middle 1962, Bridge 1963 (Formvar)
  • Middle Pickup
    Vintage, Reverse Wound/ Reverse Polarity
  • Base Plate
    Base Plate
  • Dummy Coil
    Dummy Coil with Push Pull Bypass, Dummy Coil, none, none
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