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Warehouse American Vintage Series Models

Nobody builds a speaker like WGS. The proof is in every note you play through one of their American made, vintage-voiced speakers.

WGS offers over 20 hand built & tested Alnico and Ceramic magnet guitar speakers, which celebrate the golden age of speaker manufacturing in the USA and England. Think of their speakers as a premium upgrade from all other brands. Warehouse Guitar Speakers is a family owned, American manufacturer located in downtown Paducah, Kentucky.

NB: Warehouse speaker products can not be shipped outside Canada.

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SKU Product name   Price  
SKU1247122 WGS 12" WGS12L
  • $209.99USD
SKU124A WGS 10" Veteran
  • $49.99USD
SKU124A1 WGS 10" G10A
  • $199.99USD
SKU124A2 WGS 10" G10C
  • $89.99USD
SKU124A21 WGS 10" G10C/S
  • $89.99USD
SKU124A22 WGS 12" G12Q
  • $79.99USD
SKU124A221 WGS 12" G12A
  • $239.99USD
SKU124A222 WGS 12" G12C
  • $109.99USD
SKU124A2221 WGS 12" G12C/S
  • $109.99USD
SKU124A2222 WGS 15" G15C
  • $129.99USD
SKU124A22221 WGS 15" G15A
  • $259.99USD
SKU124A22222 WGS 8" G8C
  • $39.99USD
SKU124A18 WGS 8" G8A
  • $99.99USD